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We at Aspen Crown Solicitors always take pride in going extra mile when it comes to reuniting parted and/or broken families. In this particular case, the instructions involved a British sponsor parted from her soul mate in Pakistan even after 12 years of marriage and having 10 years old son. Both spouse and child had been refused entry clearance on few occasions on one or another reasons. Despite seeking legal representations from different law firms, the applicants kept getting their visa applications refused and their appeals dismissed at the Court. 
Immediately following instructions to the firm, we requested SAR from the Home Office and applied legal diagnostic test to identify the real issues in client’s case. Previously, this crucial process hasn’t been performed by client’s old legal team which ended in repeated refusals since historic 
issues were never addressed in any of the attempted applications. It made the client waste lots of money in Home Office, Court and legal costs without getting anywhere. 
We explained, advised and assisted our clients with addressing those issues before submitting a fresh spouse application which was approved within a letter of few weeks. The applicant and his son were granted 36 months visa under 5x years settlement route. There were tears and display of human emotions within the family once we broke the long awaited good news. The family is reunited and happily living together in the UK. 
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