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We have witnessed how current pandemic has adversely affected people in different unprecedented manners. Our this client’s family of five was no different or immune to such affects. Their visas was due to expire but they had no funds left to pay the Home Office visa extension fees which stood at circa £10,000 plus. To make the matter worst, their business [beauty and grooming industry] had been closed since March 2020 and the little savings they had were being drained off with every passing day. The family was at the verge of destitution and the idea of the very same was becoming a constant cause of great anxiety and distress to the clients with 3x young children. 
We assisted our clients firstly by contacting and liaising with their local authorities and getting them financial support to safeguard best interests of their ‘children in need’. We then prepared and submitted their Fee Waiver applications with detailed supporting representations before the expiry of their visas. It resulted in a complete success whereby our client’s all Home Office fees was waived. A successful visa extension was followed without a ‘No recourse to Public Funds’ condition. It meant that our clients were entitled to seek ‘public funds’ if needed unlike their previous visa which stopped them from applying any benefits. 
This outcome was extremely helpful and was received with utmost gratefulness and gratitude by our clients. 
We have helped hundreds of clients and their family members in a similar manner. 
Contact us today at 01206 489 077 to help you with your Fee Waiver and Leave to Remain application. 
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